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Certainly, you may. Thank you.

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VOTE, don't complain !!!!

The title says it all!  Amen.

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True Crime - and HUMOR?

There isn't much humor in true crime, except for those of us who have to make light sometimes in often crude ways, in order to stay sane when something crazy is surrounding you.

Tonight, January 2009, Conan O'Brien said there is a silver lining in everything. He was giving pathetic statements, such as the President announced the White House cat died, then offered the silver lining (the cat wrote his foreign policies). Imagine my surprise at the giggles I came out with when as he talked about kids, and on such a sad and unnecessary topic, upon finding humor in his sick silver lining.

The Bad News: America's kids are more obese than ever.
Silver Lining: Pedophiles are having more trouble scooping kids into their vans.

Well, it's sick humor, but what if... what if it were really true. That would make it almost a good thing, wouldn't it?

In today's economy, we learn people will stoop to any level to make a buck. Shoot, even photos of Caylee Anthony's skeletal remains were in court just to prevent someone profiting from their sales. What if well known companies and advertisers used infamous crimes or criminal activity to earn name recognition?

It might go something like this (see if you can guess the new slogans with the company): True Crime Fanatic dark humor.
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Aidpage group discussing "christmas"...

 in response to True Crime Fanatic...   I guess it all works out in the long run.  He didn't get to talk to us at all on his Christmas day, as he was busy moving from Kuwait to Iraq.  However, about midnight his time, we did get to tell him we love him.  Cost him $55 to video conference, but worth every penny. The only negative was the tears from him and a couple of us.  Have a wonderful Christmas and good luck in the new year.
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